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S'me by Shianis S'me :iconshianis:Shianis 0 3
Have you ever had the feeling,
that there's no hope for tomorrow?
Nothing but pain and nothing but sorrow?
The lights gone away and the dark's here to stay.
Not a sound to be heard and not a word to say?
Have you ever had the feeling,
that you're all alone?
Not a soul to be seen and the whole world to roam?
You can travel for days and never find a person,
but you travel in circles which always seem to worsen?
Have you ever had the feeling,
that there's no goal in mind?
There's no destination and you're always looking behind?
With the clock,
ticking and toking away.
You feel like your losing all reason to stay.
Have you ever had the feeling,
that it's all been for naught?
That you have no real purpose and now you are caught?
Snared in a web of lies and false sights.
But somehow you feel you can set them to rights?
Have you ever had the feeling,
that all is not well?
That everyone has an agenda and something to sell?
That truth and beauty have all been snuffed out?
That it doesn't matter
:iconshianis:Shianis 2 0
I loved you first,
So do your worst,
This world is but a dream.
The heart I gave,
The hate we made,
Just makes us want to scream.
I'm with you now,
But never bow,
For we both may last this out.
If you could see,
How we could be,
Your heart would never shout.
I had you once,
I'll have you again,
For this between us shall never end.
I want you still,
Not just a thrill,
So please allow me to mend.
The pain you've known,
This blasted home,
We shall stay together.
I'll not give in,
No meager sin,
Will ever keep me at bay.
I tell you this,
And this alone,
You belong inside my heart.
And with that thought,
Inside your head,
Just know we'll never part.
:iconshianis:Shianis 2 4
Claw Face
I know this girl
She's been my world
I don't care to tell her
How hard i've fell for her
My loves like the sun
Always burning
Always young
I shine for her and her alone
Because it's HER who i'll allow to own
That which i am
All i can be
Every little thing i'll see
Every word and every thought
All i've given
All i'm not
She makes me strong
She makes me mad
Every little now and then
She even makes me sad
But thats alright
Cuz you know?
Where tight
I love this girl
She is my world
I wake to her voice
Not like i have a choice
I call her all the time
Is the first that i have rhymed
And it's all for her
Every word every feeling
I give to her and it leaves me reeling
I'll wrap this up
Like i'll do to her
And end my rhyme on a happy word
The word i choose
For the end of my shpeel
Is that i love you Claude
And that love is Real
:iconshianis:Shianis 4 21
Dithering, withering, slithering by.
Time goes on as I sit and cry.
Watching the wicked ways of the world go by.
Alone in the pool of my sorrow.
I fear the always, coming of tomorrow.
How I yearn and long.
To reach the end of this sad Song.
Always I'm waking.
My Soul forever fading.
Just to hold out hope.
To read the words that you wrote.
I stand amid the debris of my shattered World.
All I ever aspired to be.
Never amounting to as much as twould be.
As what's left of me.
Begins to Bleed.
I feel you.
I empty myself of what you put me through.
I turn over a new leaf.
Always strong.
Never weak.
I fade away.
Just trying to say.
The words I knew I could this day.
As here I stay.
Trapped in body and mind.
Alone till the end of time.
Save me.
Blame me.
Derange me.
Do what you will.
But please.
Just don't maim me.
:iconshianis:Shianis 4 18
Among the thoughts of many.
We hide our fears aplenty.
We see your face.
Hang our heads in disgrace.
All the while, running this race.
We drown in the depths of the wells of our Selfs.
Forever caged, upon the Shelves.
I wait for your touch. So small, but so much.
To take me away, from the dark I hold at bay.
Wondering... How long must I face the day?
Till you come for me, and wisp me away.
I Cannot stay.
I can barely get through the day.
I might be dead tomorrow, Can you hear my pain?
Feel my sorrow?
All i ever want.
All i ever need.
Is to have you, And to be.
I hold out hopes for the days to come.
Of which I'll share with you, under the sun.
My knees grow weak, they threaten to break.
I think that this, is all I can take.
Then I hear your voice.
And it gives me hope.
A bit of strength, to cease to mope.
I brood too much, and pray too little.
The wings of my soul, have grown moldy, and brittle.
I give to you, the last I have.
In hopes that you.
will make me glad.
I end this thought, if
:iconshianis:Shianis 3 4
Et's a Butt pirate by Shianis Et's a Butt pirate :iconshianis:Shianis 9 55 Love Hurts by Shianis Love Hurts :iconshianis:Shianis 13 9 The Last Supper by Shianis The Last Supper :iconshianis:Shianis 60 25 If only I could say SO much... by Shianis If only I could say SO much... :iconshianis:Shianis 0 4 Lies from a Lover by Shianis Lies from a Lover :iconshianis:Shianis 3 7 A llama by Shianis A llama :iconshianis:Shianis 3 41


One Eyed Soul by Padme92 One Eyed Soul :iconpadme92:Padme92 6 8
dArama - ISSUE ONE - Love.
The dynamic between core staff, volunteer staff, and the community can at times be pure quality dArama.
It's worth noting that for years I've worked pretty hard to remain neutral on community politics. Today, I'm going to shatter that concept.
Needless to say, I am extremely politically aware of the inner workings of the deviantART community. I read *a lot* of journals, comments, forums, chat rooms. I have fake accounts. I spy.
But I don't spend my time talking politics, instead I focus internally at deviantART designing technologies and implementing understandings with core staff to address the issues I see pop up.
It's time to take a moment to be a bit more petty.
The Structure
In the inner workings of our politics exists the soul of deviantART. What is this place? What was it meant to do? What does it do? What could we do better? And it's the politics that give insight into how well the greater plan is running.
There's $core staff who are employees or contractors and work 8+
:iconspyed:spyed 3,011 632
For, My Love. by IAmYourHaven For, My Love. :iconiamyourhaven:IAmYourHaven 2 0
Please tell me you'll stay
Wait for me
Till i can be with you
I wanna hold you close
And forget the outside world
Let you caress my soul
I've given you my heart
You promised to keep
Please keep your promise
Be my sunshine on a cloudy day
The air i breathe
The life i live
You are part of me
And I never wanna lose you
:iconxvampirexcupcakex:XVampireXCupcakeX 3 9
Sideview for Eric by Nikki-Loves-Him Sideview for Eric :iconnikki-loves-him:Nikki-Loves-Him 1 2
For my Brother
This is for my brother bear,
I hope you know how much I care,
I love you Brother,
More than my mother,
I can’t wait to go to the zoo
Just me and you,
And see animals that are blue,
And when you drink mountain dew,
I will too,
I can’t wait to give you a hug someday,
After I grow,
Yo Yo Yo, I love you bro!
:iconrachelxjacob:RachelxJacob 2 7
A boy that I know
A boy that I know,
I thought him a hoe.
I know his heart,
because it's like mine part.
This boy that I know,
He is so sweet, and he shows.
The love that he grows,
and the lovely feeling that inside him flows.
Together he is, with a sister of mine,
And with their love I am fine.
Though I look and I search,
To the ends of the earth.
To find a boy like him,
Because my cold heart he'll change to shining from dim.
This boy that I know
To my sister may he show.
The love of his heart,
May they never part.
:iconromaji:Romaji 5 6
When everything falls apart,
when everything seems to change abruptly,
when you feel your going to fall,
when there’s nothing left for you to do,
when nothing seems to help,
when nothing is ever enough,
when you feel you can't do anything right,
when there’s always something wrong
because you couldn't stop the way you feel,
when life ends,
when life begins,
When the window is your only friend,
when life is painful to live,
when death is hard to endure,
when you need a shoulder to cry to,
when you feel as if it’s weak to cry,
when the feeling never fails to let you down,
when you feel your even lower than the ground,
when it take nothing to decide to die,
when it feels as if one else would cry.
I fell for you, these tears were from when.
:iconhope-for-the-broken:hope-for-the-broken 1 6
Crying Aria by hope-for-the-broken Crying Aria :iconhope-for-the-broken:hope-for-the-broken 3 9
horrible thing to make you do.
For so long my darling
Your star you’ve kept
Deep with in you
The heart have I swept
And for so long my darling, have you become mine
Never never dear were I thine
With in me hold truth to myself again.
And sorry who weren’t the men
The man who holds me now so dear
And I love with out careless fear
Never did I wake to you darling
Never did I cry to you darling
But about you
And because of you... But never for
The never key locked the door
Because of my games because of my claims
I could never love another more then what I cherish most
And because I loved you worse the memory remains a curse
What I’ve done
How I lead
I should being dieing
I should be dead
But because of you, I’m cherished instead
I argue sometimes about what I’ve done.
I could never like her, win,
You were never father to my son
But again I say
And further more I prey
To be loved by you
Was a horrible thing to make you do.
:iconhope-for-the-broken:hope-for-the-broken 1 1
Mature content
What you've made me :iconhope-for-the-broken:hope-for-the-broken 1 1
Your fading star
I could always cry for you
Never could I run from you
Once I ran to you
And then I faded from you
A star of hope
And a light of so many
Could I ever forget?
You made me
To forget would be to lie
To let go,
I’d cry
For hours on end
The branches did bend
Not for so long that the trunk be came un-strong
Never again I plea
Never again
For the game I play is only a sin
To be with you, is never truth..
But I found mine
And I was thine
:iconhope-for-the-broken:hope-for-the-broken 2 11
GayBiWorld Stamp by Romaji GayBiWorld Stamp :iconromaji:Romaji 21 23
UA: UniqueArt - 'we want to make you popular!'
UA: UniqueArt - 'we want to make you popular!'
***Issue: #1***
There are so many talented Individuals out there, some of which are popular, and others who are new. This news report focuses on one Individual Artists/Photographer/Writer every week, so that the DeviantART community can recognize how talented these unique people are. The deviants don't have to be professional, but they have something special about their work.
If you have suggestions for any Deviants, just note me King-Mushroom With the persons username and why you think they should be put In the spotlight. I'm going to need all of your help with this, so lets get people recognized!
UniqueArtist of the week: 360icon An amazing conceptual photographer, that has a very unique style. His work Is breath-takingly detailed. although he Is not popular on DeviantART, his galery Is packed with wonderful pictures.  Congradulations.
Work from his gallery: :.Please tak
:iconking-mushroom:King-Mushroom 32 32
Mature content
Fuck You :iconxvampirexcupcakex:XVampireXCupcakeX 15 96
Prom Night. by ArtFrEaK331 Prom Night. :iconartfreak331:ArtFrEaK331 1 1



Hopelessly Romantic
United States
Current Residence: Rochester,MN
Favourite genre of music: Most of them except Country
Favourite photographer: Brix_Strat
Favourite style of art: Drunken Monkey
Operating System: The Central Nervous System
MP3 player of choice: Curtis
Shell of choice: Jumbo
Wallpaper of choice: Cool Stuff
Skin of choice: Green... Maybe Purple...
Favourite cartoon character: ...Too many to pick just ONE!!!
Personal Quote: Don't spend all your time Pacing, Walking, or Running away. Find some place you can stay
    The Ice inches inward. The Fire of my youth squandered in search of a forgotten Truth. I am Alone. My Soul knows many others. It gives them more of its Time then it does me. I'm two things. The Driver. The Vehicle. The Fury I possess couldn't possibly have been built up within just one Lifetime. Should I raise the Walls, Sever the Chains? Allow my body to move, without Strings?

    I bury myself in my Shame. Lost in the depth of my Guilt. I don a mask. I fade into Gray. All that's left; Is meant to stay. The Pain in my Words; Wrench a Tear; But all i know; Are the Depths of my Fear.

    All I've ever known. Ever sought after. Ever tried to commit to. Everything. Nothing. There's no difference between my Darkness and my Light. Regardless. I allow Fear to keep me from either Path. I subdue myself. I hold myself down. Every so often, I find another who is so Great, that I can even hold myself down in their Name. To know that no matter how much of myself I give to them. They'll never fully Use me. The way i WANT to be Used. I'm the Sword. A Weapon without a Wielder. I'm useless. I Rot and Rust and collect Dust.

    Life is not worth living for Life itself. To survive solely to survive, is pointless. A meaningless Existence, is no Existence at all. My purpose awaits me. I yearn for my Life. For far too long; Have I been at the Edge of my Knife. I'm done with the games. I have a Goal. A Purpose. I have a Lover. Lies or not. I refuse to allow a single Doubt to stop me from following my Path. The Path I set before myself. I have someone special in Mind. I think of her, all the Time. Nothing will stop me. No one will stop me. Nothing CAN stop me. I AM Willpower. I'm the wind beneath the Dragon's Wings. I'm the Glare of the Sun. I will not, CANNOT, be Denied. I'll Ravage this World. None shall know my Name but One. None shall live without the touch of my Love. My Life. My Magic.

    I Retire to my Darkness. Twisted Decay. A state of Rotting Atrophy. I'll have my Day soon enough. Until then. I Grow.
  • Listening to: Blue October- Calling You
  • Reading: Your Mind
  • Watching: Our First Encounter
  • Playing: With The Thought Of Your Lips
  • Eating: Myself From The Inside Out
  • Drinking: In The Depths Of Your Pain


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